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All MyWegmansConnect employees have access to online programming software. With this portal, employees can view their work schedule. Most employees work part-time. Therefore, it is very useful for you to see the calendar. It’s because they work in teams.

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Your schedule may vary from week to week. You can also see Wegman’s work schedule. This way you can calculate the salary amount based on the weekly or monthly hours worked. You can also use this programming software to request leisure or vacation. You do not need to contact MyWegmansConnect Personnel Manager to discuss your free time in person.

The employees also have access to MyWegmansConnect. As we know, they offer their employees many types of benefits. For example, there are health plans, medical benefits, retirement plans, etc. With MyWegmansConnect, the employee can view the list of services entered. You can also use this portal to request other qualified services. They may also change the number of contributions to the pension program.